PhilSox Blog: End of an Awesome Season!


End of an Awesome Season!

To be honest, I don't even know how to act.

I have been thinking about writing this post since yesterday afternoon, but could not get my head in the right place. My thoughts are muddled and I keep going off in tangents within my own reality. The sheer thrill that was this past weekend (or maybe the past week would be more accurate) defies explanation. When I began this blog I only dreamed what is the reality of this Monday afternoon: The Red Sox and the Phillies have both made it to the playoffs!

First, the Sox take two from Oakland. It needed to be done and it was done. Then, to stretch out the drama, they lose one to the Twins. Then Friday, after a come from behind victory in the second of four games, I check the Yanker score and they're winning. "OK. Our magic number is at one. We need only win one of the next two and we have the division." I go to sleep.

Saturday morning, after milling around with some coffee and the kids, I get on line and goto the Sox site. What to I see? I photo of Ortiz doused in champagne! As it turned out, after I'd retired for the evening, those Baltimore Orioles, who while sucking for most of the year had given top ranked teams headaches, gave N.Y. one more. Baltimore had come back and won the game! The Sox had clinched!

Meanwhile, over in the N.L., the Mets downward spiral was staved off one game on Saturday when they poured on a 13 run performance in a thrashing of the lowly Marlins. The Phils, who'd taken a one game lead in the N.L. East the night before, lost to the lowly Nationals and the division was tied heading into game 162, the last day of the regular season.

Sunday came and the Mets took the field first. By the time they were announcing lineups at Citizen's Bank Park, the Met's were losing. By the time the game in Philly got underway, Tom Glavine was out of the game for NY ., having given up seven runs in the top of the first inning! The story was half over. A few hours later, with the Mets gam final at 8-1, and with the Phillies up 6-1, and Brett Myers on the mound, Willy Mo (traded to the Nats from who? That's right, the Red Sox!) strikes out in the midst of sheer insanity among the Philly Phaithful! The Philles clinch the N.L. East for the first time since 1993! The Mets take over the top spot on the list of all-time greatest collapses.

One last hoorah, though. Thanks to my subscription, I am able to browse the remaining games for anything of interest. I see that not only is San Diego losing, but the Rockies have tied their game a one in the seventh inning. I see the last out the the Brewers ring up on the Pads. I "flip" over and watch that last two innings of the game in Colorado. I get to see the Rockies score three runs in the eighth, then give up two in the ninth before getting the final out. No matter, though, because in winning 4-3, the Rockies and their amazing 13 out of 14 run (including an 11 game streak!) force a one game playoff against San Diego for the N.L. Wild Card !

The possibility of this blog's existence being justified (as if that were necessary) by a Sox/Phils World Series lives on, at least for one more week.

What more could this season offer? Do we have the right to ask for even one more drop of nectar out of this flower? What have we seen?

The Yankers, sucking like a chest wound from April to July, come back and pour it on to be the winningest team in the second half, coming within a 1.5 games of taking the A.L. East away from my beloved Sox!

June 12th sees a 12 K no-hitter from Justin Verlander of the

August 8th sees Barry Bonds and his ever expanding skull hits home run 756*.

August 22nd sees the lowly Texas Rangers score thirty (30) runs against the Orioles on the same day that Garret Anderson of the Angels gets 10 RBI in one game.

September 1 sees Clay Buchholz of our own beloved Red Sox throw a no-hitter in only his second major league start.

And lets name drop a bit, shall we?

Alex Rodriguez - Best season ever

Jake Peavy - NL Cy Young?

Josh Beckett - AL Cy Young?

Prince Fielder - Power hitting monster

Magglio Ordonez - AL Batting Title?

Joba Chaimberlain - Is it "The Joba Rules" or "Joba RULZ!"

Dice-K - Sox $$$ Ace

Craig Biggio - 3000 hits and he's retiring

Matt Holiday - NL Batting title, MVP candidate

Jimmy Rollins - Enters the 20-20-20-20 club and WILL get the

C.C. Sabathia - Indian's Ace, Cy Young contender

Rick Ankiel - Pitcher turned power hitter!

Dustin Pedroia -AL Rookie of the year?

Shelley Duncan - Future Yankee slugger?

Curtis Granderson - Tigers 20-20-20-20 club man

So, let's all gather round tonight and see the final pre-postseason game play out. Who will the Phils face first? (Try saying that 10 times fast!) Will it be the Padres or the Rockies? The onto to October and the MLB Post Season!

God Bless Baseball!!!

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