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Trade Deadline

The Phillies are, once again, not close enough to the post season to make us confident, but no so far away that we've given up hope. As I type this, they are 5 games back in their division and 4.5 games back in the WC. So, with the trade deadline approaching, ESPN posted an article that talked about them selling off Aaron Rowand in the hopes of getting pitching help.

Rowand is having a good year. He's one of only Phillies starters batting over .300 (his .333 and Utley's .338) and he doing good in the field. Many seem to think that he's playing a bit above himself. His average is the highest its ever been by about 30 points or so.

Pitching hasn't been the a strong point in Philly, almost ever. My opinion is that for the post-season, if there is any shot at it at all, Phllies need pitching. That leaves two questions. First, do we give up Rowand on the outside chance that we make the post-season? Second, if we are going to get rid of him, what can we get and will it be enough? Aaron Rowand

As for that latter issue, I'm torn. The Phils end up losing the few good players that they get when they can (won't) pay them (Scott Rolen, most recently.) Should we be thinking about holding on to Rowand in the event that his numbers aren't a surge, but more of a maturation? Also, I am not savvy enough to know whether there is anyone out there with a pitcher (starter would be better, reliever might be doable) who needs a hitting outfielder.

Reading some things I could find from White Sox fans, there seems to be quite a few that miss him (particularly with the way things are going for the ChiSox as of late.) Plus, he does play hard. He's darn near killed himself since being in a Phillies uni to make a catch (May 11, 2006 against the Mets).

I'm leaning toward keeping him.

Perhaps I should simply say a prayer?

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