PhilSox Blog: 7/17/07 Boxed Up


7/17/07 Boxed Up

As you can see, my Sox got clobbered last night by the lowly Royals. Wake lasted 6 1/3 innings, giving up 9 hits and 6 runs. We had no homers (the night before, all of our runs were the direct result of three long balls from Pedroia, Manny, and Ortiz.)

In Philly, reversal of fortune. After getting that 10,000th loss to the Cards and then a drubbing by the Dodgers, the Phills came on like a juggernaut last night. Howard had 2 home runs, both two run shots. Burrell and Rowand both had solo blasts. Victorino went 5 for 7 with 2 RBI's. Durbin had a solid outing - 6 innings, one run on 6 hits. This game was on the tube, so I got to watch a little of it, but I got tired and missed most of the good stuff.

The Yankers won an extra-innings thriller on a walk-off hit by Cano to beat the visiting Blue Jays.

Considering this is my first posted set of boxes on PhilSox, isn't it interesting that the first place Sox got drubbed by a crappy team and the struggling Phils wallopped L.A.?

Hey, Alanis! This is ironic.

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